Natural Ways Of Treating Infections With Plants -2019



Natural ways of treating infections works best and gives the most desired results, it works fast and much more effective, in this article I’ve given a detailed guide and procedure on how to eliminate bacterial infections within a short while, so continue reading……


Table of contents:

i.What are bacterial infections

ii. Examples of bacteria infections

iii. Modes of transmission of bacteria infections

iv.plants for treatment of infections

v. Preparation of natural plants used for treatment of infections

vi. Its application for the desired results


What are bacterial infections?


Bacterial infections are infections caused by bacteria which are the carrier of bacteria infections.



Examples of bacteria infections:


Some common bacteria infections are Gonorrhea,diarrhoea, syphilis, staphylococcus etc.



Modes of transmission of infections:


Infections are transmitted to humans through different mediums, some of the common eaya by which infections are transmitted are:


– Through unprotected sexual intercourse

– Dirty environment

– Use of dirty toilet/ Use of toilet with an infected person




Natural plants needed for treatment of bacterial infections:


– Turmeric

– Cloves

– Ginger

– Garlic


These are the four (4) items you will be needing for the preparation.





First you have to get all these items together, and wash them well.


After washing pill the bark of the beverages excluding the cloves, then cut them into little sizes.


Get a one liter of can, fill it with water and add all the beverages to it, leave it for 3days for the solution to ferment, it undergoes fermentation, after three (3) days its now ready for consumption.



Its application for the desired results:


Now, take it with a small cup ( 2-5cl) or spoon ( five spoon full) morning and night.


NOTE: It works best when taken before meal, and always shake well before consumption.


This mixture also cleanses the body system of toxic substances. So its great for your health.


Take it constantly for one(1) week and you will get the desired results.












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