Central admission processing system (CAPS) as the name implies is a jamb inventory and admission processing system for the purpose of processing admissions of aspiring students or jambites into the universities, polytechnics and colleges of education. With this platform jambites can easily check their admission status, marketplace offers, successful 0’level upload, profile and other jamb related threads. Steps to check your admission status via Central Admission Processing System (CAPS):


1. Preferably using a chrome browser, change to desktop site by clicking on the red arrow at the top right of your chrome browser and a drop down menu comes up, now scroll down and check the “desktop site” box.

2. After successfully changing to desktop site, now you visit the Central Admission Processing system’s (CAPS) portal, don’t worry cause I will be dropping the link to the CAPS portal at the end of this article, all you have to do is to click on the link i will drop at the end of this article, and i will also guide you till you successfully check your admission status. Take note of every step here, because these steps I am outlining in a detailed explanation is all what you will be doing on the portal to successfully check your admission status, So keep reading…….

3. After clicking on the link I dropped below kindly enter you email address and your password to login to the system ( the email and password you used for your jamb registration).

4. After successfully logging in to the system, then scroll down, below the portal, you will see an option to “check admission status”, kindly click on the link.

5. After clicking on the link you will see another option ” access my caps” then click on it.

6. Then at the top left corner of the page are many links e.g My 0’level, My profile, Admission Status, Marketplace offer etc.

7. Then click on “Admission status” to check if you have been admitted, admission still in progress or not admitted.

Thats how to check your admission status via CAPS

click here to check your admission status

If you were successfully admitted, congratulations!!! just click on the “accept admission” button to accept your admission and then proceed to your institution for payment of acceptance fee.

NOTE: You are to accept your admission within few days, otherwise the admission will be retracted, i know you wouldn’t be happy loosing your admission, so do accept your admission once admitted.

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